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‚ÄčNon-meditation for this season

What is a non-meditation? Well, for the first time ever, I am not including a seasonal meditation in this space. This space, for the first time, is dedicated to miracles, actually, and specifically, to one miracle, that has led, and is leading up to many. I shall explain, in greater detail, at another time, all the wondrous events building up to the miracle, but for those of us who are bottom-line people, the miracle is this: I will have my own Wedding Chapel soon. 

Yes, I had to catch my breath there! It is a darling little place, that needs lots of love and attention, but I can work miracles with a paint brush and hot, soapy water. A generous soul has come forth to volunteer roofing shingles (ah, yes, there is always the roof!), and possibly his time to repair it. A heating and cooling company has volunteered to update the water, heating and air-conditioning. I am almost speechless with gratitude (note the operative word: speechless) (I am never speechless for long!) Other volunteers are in the wings, gracious people, willing to assist in bringing back this forlorn little church to its former glory. One of my ministry sisters has offered to lead meditation groups and spiritual direction. If it is desired from the community, I can facilitate a Sunday morning meditation/prayer time.

The Chapels' primary function will be to offer a reasonably priced, lovely venue for Weddings, Baptisms and Christenings, memorial services and other spiritual events. It is my fervent prayer that Little Primrose Chapel will be able to fulfill a need in the community. Please feel free to call/text/email me if you have any questions regarding the Chapel, and  the soon to occur Grand Opening and Dedication Ceremony. I am not sure yet how soon we will have the Chapel renovations completed, but you will be kept up-to-date. If you would like to volunteer in any way (we can always use great volunteers!) so please let me know. If you would be interested in attending a service at the Chapel, please let me know of any topic a that would be of interest to you, and I shall do my very best.  Thank you so much. Many Blessings!