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March 2018

March is a flurry of events: Lent,  the arrival of Spring, the promise of Easter renewal. Life to ponder and wonder is this anticipation of the Spring.  Spring is always preceded by the Lenten time of prayer and reflection, meditation and  thoughtfulness. The dark and chill weather seems to reinforce the quiet reflective  time spent in prayer. Why prayer? Why meditation? 

Because silence places us in close contact with the Divine. God and Goddess does not always speak in thunderbolts and noise. Nicolas of Cusa wrote that "The universe is in each person, in such a way that each person is in it. And so every person in the universe is the universe." As is with the Divine.

Nicolas of Cusa also writes a lovely prayer: O Divine One, all beauty which can be conceived is less than the beauty of your face. Every face is beautiful, but no face is beauty's self but your face, God/Goddess, has beauty, and this having is beauty, it is absolute beauty itself, which is the form that give being to every beautiful form."

Contemplating the beauty of the Divine brings us closer to the Divine. This quiet space of time before the rush of Spring can bring us into closer contact with grace and blessings.

During this quiet time, perhaps you might like to try a variation of the Buddhist Metta Prayer. In this prayer, you offer a blessing, a hope or a wish to someone you love. Something nice, that would please that person: good health, happiness, whatever you like.

Next offer a blessing for someone who is an acquaintance, a casual friend. Offer them the same nice blessing for health, or wealth or happiness.

Now it gets a little tougher. Offer a blessing for someone you do not especially like. Wish them the same nice things you offered for you one you love. With sincerity.

Now for the hardest one: a blessing for someone you truly dislike, anyone. We all have a list. And with as much sincerity as you can muster, offer the same gift of health and happiness. Smile.

Exhale. This practice will get easier over time, or so they say.

It  is my sincere hope and prayer that we can all take a few extra moments to simply sit in silence, and enjoy the quiet presence of the Divine in our hearts. It does not require a large commitment of time, just a few moments apon awakening, or before retiring to sleep. This simple practice can set the day on a calming and peaceful path, or cleanse the day, and release the stress.

Many Blessings to you on the Springtime journey.