Helpful marriage hint: look at every challenging situation in your lives as an opportunity to strengthen your marriage. No matter what happens, no matter how devastating, be grateful for what occurs, and use it to grow closer together. Yes, it is easier said than done, but it will help you to live in love. Pray together, talk together, talk some more and always hold on to one another.

I hope these thoughts give you a few things to consider on your journey through life together. I truly want you to be content and joyful in your marriage. Sometimes, marriage is just getting through, day by day. Sometimes it is romance and candle light. Others, it is laundry and paying bills. There may be times that you will disagree with each other. That is fine and normal. Agree to disagree, and continue to love one another. The experiences of the days and years will vary greatly.

Whatever else marriage may be, it is certainly challenging. Enjoy the questions, enjoy the discussion. There are no right or wrong answers… only what is right for you as a couple contemplating marriage. Please take the time to discuss your expectations, hopes, dreams and ideas about marriage before your wedding. I wish you every happiness!

You are in my heart and prayers every day!


Rev. Sharron

Closing Thoughts