Think about children. They are sweet and cuddly and cute when first born, but they do grow up… quickly and expensively. Do you want them? Yes, no, maybe someday, or absolutely no way, ever? What if you change your mind but your spouse does not? Now what? What if you want children, but have fertility issues… are you open to medical intervention, adoption, foster care? What if you do not want children and your contraception method fails? What happens then?

Who will raise your children? Mother, Father, Grandparents, family member, caregivers? Someone needs to shower your child with love and affection; who will it be? How will you parent your child? Should the wife be the one to stay home with the baby, or are there other alternatives for your family? Can you and your spouse easily combine career and family life? Do you believe in physical chastisement? Do you want the child raised in a specific spiritual practice? Who will you appoint as guardians for the baby? (Yes, you need to think about that even if you don’t want to. Think of it as insurance for your child.) Do you have enough money saved up for the zillion things a baby needs? Does your medical insurance provide for maternity, prenatal and well-baby check-ups?